Support False River Academy

There are many ways to give your support to False River Academy. Through donations of time, services, or money, you can help make FRA the best school it can be. Here are just a few of the ways you can lend your support:

  • Our PTA and Booster Club are always looking for parents, teachers, alumni, community members to offer their help and services. 

  • On our Alumni page, alumni can send an update about themselves so their classmates and other FRA families know what you've been up to since graduation. We've also highlighted some of our distinguished alumni on that page.


Memorial Gifts: There are many occasions during our lives when we choose to memorialize or honor in a special way those we hold dear. One of our most difficult times in this life follows the death of a loved one. We cherish the memories and we offer thanks for the good times we enjoyed together. Because of our love for these people, we sometimes look for ways to honor them long after their death.

This honor can take many forms. A memorial gift to False River Academy is an excellent way to honor and remember a loved one. The gift touches the family of the deceased in a special way as you have remembered them in their time of sorrow.

Memorial or honorary gifts occupy an important place in the spirit and tradition of our school.  We appreciate any gift that you choose to make. We will notify the persons indicated of your gift to False River Academy. You may contact our office for memorial envelopes.

Thank you for your consideration of a gift to False River Academy in memory of or in honor of those you wish to be remembered in a very special way.