Summer Assignments for Math and Reading

Summer Math Packets

Below are the summer math curriculum review materials for students entering grades 2-9. We strongly suggest that your child complete this booklet over the course of the summer. Submission of the completed material is neither required nor necessary

Each booklet was prepared by the False River Academy mathematics teachers and contains topics that reflect content which was taught and should have mastered during the school year. It will provide a great review for your child going into the next grade as well as provide you a tool to see what areas your child may need extra help with before the start of the coming year.

Entering 2nd grade                Entering 3rd grade                  Entering 4th grade                 Entering 5th grade               

  Entering 6th grade                  Entering 7th grade                  Entering 8th grade                  Entering 9th grade                 



Summer Reading Assignments

Students entering grades 3-4 have the opportunity to earn extra credit via summer reading assignments which will be made available on respective supply lists.

Middle School (5th-8th) Suggested Summer Reading             9th-12th grade Summer Reading Assignments