HS Curriculum and Dual Enrollment

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Dual Enrollment Information - FRA Dual Enrollment Information  (Updated 7/5/17)

FRA students are able to receive both high school and college credit when taking the following classes: English, Spanish, US History, and Chemistry. All courses are transferable to other universities within the state. To take a dual enrollment class, a student must meet rigid academic standards based either on the ACT or the ACT Aspire assessments. Students enrolling in these classes will greatly benefit after graduation by having the advantage of enrolling in a Louisiana university with college credit already in their name.

Students participating in Southeastern dual enrollment classes please note: The request form to get a transcript is on the dual enrollment page linked here: Southeastern Dual Enrollment page. Federal law requires a signature before a transcript is released. 


2017-2018 Web-based High School Electives through eDynamic Learning

Web Electives  Click on each course in maroon below for a syllabus.

1 Credit Courses (5)

010301 Agriscience - 1 credit  (2 Courses- Introduction to Agriscience &  Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources)

220601 Sociology- 1 credit  (2 Courses- Sociology I: The Study of Human Relationships & Sociology II: Your Social Life)

222001 Psychology- 1 credit (2 Courses- Personal Psychology I: The Road to Self-DiscoveryPersonal Psychology II: Living in a Complex World

155050 Forensic Science- 1 credit (2 Courses- Forensic Science I: Secrets of the Dead & Forensic Science II: More Secrets

090611 Health Science- 1 credit (2 Courses- Health Science I: The Whole Individual & Health Science II: Patient Care and Medical Services)

.5 Credit Courses (9)

010356 Biotechnology: Unlocking Nature's Secrets- .5 credit

010390 Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals- .5 credit

140200 Astronomy: Exploring the Universe- .5 credit

080110 Concepts of Engineering and Technology- .5 credit

030501 Art in World Cultures- .5 credit

080660 International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century- .5 credit

041060 Sports and Entertainment Marketing- .5 credit

030330 Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening- .5 credit

080630 Personal and Family Finance- .5 credit

*music and art combination for 1 credit