Gator Booster Club and PTA

FRA Gator Booster Club

2016-17 Booster Club Weekly Raffle Winners - Updated 3/26/17  (Any missing dates = no winner)

2017:  3/22 - Mark Couch   3/8 - Marvin Hamilton  3/1 - Emma Saden   2/8 - Cliff Watts   1/11 - Tyler Couch    1/18 - Larry Heitmeier   

2016: 12/28 - David Sherrer    11/2 - Josh Sheets     11/16 - Bryan Summers   11/23 - Hannah    10/12 - Troy Bordelon      9/14 - Johnathon Bernard     9/28 - Russell Bologna




Our PTA serves to enhance the experience of the parents, teachers, staff, and students at False River Academy.  We provide volunteers and funding for a variety of education needs and activities at our school.  We encourage participation in the events sponsored by the PTA, especially our annual Gator Gala Auction!  Although we take our jobs very seriously, our intent is to inject fun in all we do, keeping our children's best interest in mind.  We invite you to share with us your time and special talents to make False River Academy the best school it can be.  If you would like more information about our organization or volunteer opportunities, please see the contacts below. Welcome to the Gator Family!!

2016-2017 Officers
Tabitha- president    Shannon- vice president   Janet- secretary/treasurer