About False River Academy

False River Academy is a 3 year old through 12th grade school located in beautiful New Roads, Louisiana. From its initial opening in 1969 to today, FRA continues to be one of the top schools in Pointe Coupee Parish.

FRA affords students the opportunity to participate in many student-run organizations including 4-H, Beta, FCA, and Key Club. As a member of the Louisiana High School Athletics Association, FRA offers a variety of athletics opportunities such as football, basketball, baseball, and softball. Our athletic facilities include a gymnasium, weight room, and individual fields for football, baseball, and softball.

SACS Accreditation Seal

In 2012, FRA became accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). Click the logo for more information about SACS.

False River Academy Mission Statement

False River Academy is devoted to providing experiences that are academically challenging and personally enriching, thereby enabling students to continue in their personal growth and self-improvement.

Philosophy of False River Academy

As a faculty we are not always in agreement in our beliefs since we represent many phases of educational philosophy. Nevertheless, we feel that a healthy atmosphere is one where the exchange of ideas leads to a continuous growth in our educational system.

We do agree that the purpose of education is to help the student achieve the fullest development of his own individual potential within the framework of a democratic society. We believe, therefore, that it is the responsibility of the school "to select and transmit to its students the most significant and useful elements of our intellectual, moral, social and aesthetic heritage, and to foster the individual's ability to live happily, effectively, and creatively."

The teaching of values and ideals is important to us. The students should be taught reverence for a supreme being, respect for law and order, and authority, love the democratic way of life, self-discipline, and sensitivity to responsibility, awareness of others, the value of work, and appreciation of beauty. These values will enrich his life and lead inevitably to the development of character and the whole personality.

We recognize the necessity ever to be alert for needed changes in curricula, theory, or methods of teaching. The curricula should be designed to give students training for a vocation or preparation for further education. Constant self-analysis and constructive criticism are needed if we are to keep pace with a rapidly changing society. Moreover, we contend that an education curriculum should challenge the student to future pursuits of knowledge beyond the formal school experience.

Pursuant to this philosophy we shall dedicate our work and direct our efforts. Understanding the myriad of demands placed upon us by society today, we nonetheless acknowledge the task of our profession and assume responsibility for its realization. The important task for False River Academy is our curriculum must continue to guide students to develop into the kind of individuals that incorporate philosophy thus expressed.

False River Academy Alma Mater

We raise our song with loyal hearts, to you our Alma Mater.

Maroon and gold, your colors bold, awaken pride and praise.

Your noble birth, your purpose will keep us ever true.

False River Academy, we honor you.