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2016-17 Middle School 4-H Club Officers: Alyse Roche - President, Grayson Gustin - Vice-President, Emma Patin - Reporter/Photographer, Megan Jourdan - Treasurer, Baylee Duval - Parliamentarian, Samantha Ramshur - CRD Chairman, Jordan Dauthier - Secretary


Congratulations 4-H'ers! The FRA Elementary 4-H Club would like to congratulate all the winners of the cookie and ornament contest. There were4h Cookie many beautiful ornaments and creative cookies. I know everyone is excited and happy to have won an award! These are the winners for the Cookie and Ornament Contest:

Cookies: Most Delicious-Kinsley Seneca, Cole Smith, Kenneth Seal, Ainzley McNaughten, Isabelle Weston, Andi Speights  Most Creative-Gracie Jewel, Bailey Hanks, Lacey Coates, Skyler Sadden, Adair Sadden, Anna St. Romain

Ornaments: Judges' Favorite-Andi Speights, Isabelle Weston, Lacey Coates Most Creative-Aiden Martin, Kayden Langlois, Kinsley Seneca, Kaci Mounger, Anna St. Romain, Kaidence LeBlance, Aiden Martin, Ainzley McNaughten, Skyler Sadden, Adair Sadden, Gracie Jewell

We hope everyone in the community enjoys the Holidays!




Pet Show Winners4-H had a pet show on October 18. The pet show had lots of cute and active animals, and some of them were lucky enough to win awards! The owners of the animals that won are Bailey Hanks (4th grade), Beau Bonaventure, Ainzley McNaughten, Adair Sadden, Baylie Fabre, Anna St. Romain (5th grade), and Lauren Smith (6th grade). Congratulations to all the winners and their pets!

FRA Pet Show winners: (from left to right) Adair Sadden, Bailey Hanks, Lauren Smith, Baylie Fabre, Anna St. Romain, Ainzley McNaughten, Beau Bonaventure